Bare Lit is an annual festival of stories, bringing together poets, journalists, playwrights and novelists of colour with readings and discussions, performances and debates, networking and workshops.

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“Exceeded my expectations in that it was an intimate but warm, open and welcoming event - the talks were very enjoyable - speakers were so approachable and accommodating of questions and happy to interact.”

"...a truly welcoming space"

“It was great to hear from authors and creatives outside of my own interests and ethnic background.”

“It provided me with a rich eclectic pot pourri of ideas”

“[...] as a person of mixed heritage, representation is something that was sorely missing from the books that I read as a child / teenager - even as an adult until just last year - and I'm now determined to change things for the younger generation.”

“I was only an audience member but I left feeling that I shouldn't place limitations on myself when pitching stories to editors or pandering to their narrow ideals.”

"Expanded my network for work and also made friends with people who care about similar things."