Public Statement

We acknowledge and understand some attendees' concerns regarding the inclusion of Josh Rivers at this year's Bare Lit on the panel curated by UK Black Pride.

Commitment to non-discrimination and inclusion is at the heart of Bare Lit, and we work to create a space which is open to all regardless of how they identify. No form of discrimination will be tolerated.

We have confidence in the decision of UK Black Pride’s board to work with Josh, following his apologies for the offensive comments.

More information on UK Black Pride's decision can be found here on PinkNews.

Lady Phyll, co-founder and executive director of UK Black Pride, told Pink News:

“After remarks he made a number of years ago were brought to light, Josh apologised unreservedly.
“UK Black Pride accepts this and we have drawn a line under the matter.
“We believe everyone has a right to the growth and transformation our community has survived and thrived on.
“We welcome Josh to our team of dedicated volunteers, each of whom has been recruited from within our community.

If you have additional concerns please email us at

The Directors