About Us

We are Bare Lit, a literature festival celebrating the work of remarkable writers in diaspora.

In 2015, the UK's three largest literary festivals featured over 2000 authors. Of those 2000+ authors, only 4% were from Black Caribbean, Black African, South Asian or East Asian backgrounds, based on a report published by SPREAD THE WORD.

We are changing that.

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The team

Henna Zamurd-Butt, Director + Co-founder

Henna runs Media Diversified, writes about food, and has a popup bakery called Sunbakes. She is obsessed with magical realism. 
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Mend Mariwany, Director + Co-founder

Mend is editor and writer at Skin Deep and an independent arts consultant. He is member of the poetry collective Malika’s Kitchen and is working on his first collection of poetry and prose.
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Samira Sawlani, Publicity Assistant

Samira is a UK-based writer, she specialises in politics, economy and development of East and Horn of Africa. 
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Sabeena Akhtar, Festival Assistant

Sabeena is a book blogger, researcher and writer and the online library curator for Media Diversified. She currently works at radical non profit publishing house Tilted Axis Press. You can find her @pocobookreader.


Aldona Kapačinskaitė, Impact Measurement Associate

Aldona is the founder of impact evaluation consultancy Outsight Consulting and a PhD student at London Business School. Her most recent project was an impact evaluation program for Google in the Amazonas region in Brazil. You can find her @kapacinskaite   


Samantha Asumadu, Co-founder

Samantha is founder of Media Diversified and the Media Diversified Experts Directory, and a documentary filmmaker.